The Auction Process

The auction process starts with you and a Auction Marketing Professional from Flipper McDaniel and Associates scheduling an appointment with you to review your property and your desired outcome for the quick disposition of the asset(s). We will provide our analysis, discuss if the property is a favorable candidate for auction, and recommend a plan of action based on the information. The lifecycle of a successful auction marketing program is between 4 and 8 weeks.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our experience, proven success, and the willingness to market your property at auction!

The following is the lifecyle of an auction. Contact us to for a FREE Analysis.

Free Property Auction Analysis                                                             

Flipper McDaniel and Associates will meet with you to discuss and review your property, make recommendations, and formulate a plan based on your goals.

Deliver Proposal / Auction Agreement

After our analysis, we provide you a proposal to outline our accelerated marketing plan and confirm that you completely understand what we will provide you to initiate a professional auction event. When we agree on the plan of action, an auction agreement will be forwarded to you for review and confirmation.

Compile Property Information / Legal Records                                     

Our experienced auction professionals will compile all property information to use in effectively marketing the property and provide correct information to potential bidders and real estate professionals. In addition, legal property information is reviewed to reduce the chance for errors at closing.

Initiate and Manage Custom Auction Marketing Program (C.A.M.P)      

We use a vast array of communication methods to expose your property to the traditional and non-traditional markets. The use of targeted newsprint, direct mail, internet, online bidding, permission-based e-mail campaigns, internet auction and advertising portals, signage, industry networking (broker cooperation), and other media services.

Bidder / Broker Information and Preview Period                                   

When the accelerated marketing program is initiated, we engage potential bidders and real estate brokers/agents by providing informative and useful information to make the person an informed bidder. We forward detailed information and answer questions from all potential bidders. In many cases, preview times are scheduled to allow bidders to inspect property before the auction event.

Auction Day!!                                                                                           

Our team promotes an energetic, exciting, professional and fun atmosphere on auction day. The day of your auction event, our team handles all aspects from bidder questions and registration to engaging the bidders and winning bidder contract signing/collecting earnest funds.

Auction Overview / Closing Coordination

Our auction management team will solicit feedback from you; provide answers to any questions from you and the winning bidder. In addition, we will compile all documents to forward to the attorney for a proper and efficient closing. We will follow-up with you and the buyer during the closing process to ensure a successful closing which is normally within 30 days of the auction event.

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